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More VK scanlations, from volume 9 and the fanbook. :D


I wish I could just scan and scanlate everything at once, but sadly lack of time makes that I have to proceed by batches. XD;

However, I have good news for you, I was bad and procrastinated, so instead of just scans, you'll be getting scanlations today!! ;D ♥


Scans this way. :DCollapse )

I'll be scanning and scanlating the rest of all the main parts of the fanbook as I can find time. ^__^/
I'll be posting it all here and in the community, as always. :D

I also finally scanned the Ichiru & Shizuka bonus story from volume 8, but hadn't had time to scanlate it yet. I'll be posting it when I can. :D :D
*crumbles under deadlines and suffocates, will scanlate when she can crawl out from beneath for a moment* XD;; *lol*

The comical bonuses in volume 9 were short, so I scanned and scanlate today, here it is:
Volume 9 bonuses.Collapse )

The next time I can find a free moment, I'll be scanlating the lenghtened kiss scene betwee Kaname and Yuuki in chapter 41 of volume 9. ^_^/

Hino-sensei had originally redrawn the scene where Zero tried to kiss Yuuki, because she didn't find the magazine version good enough and wanted to make it better for the book release, so when volume 9 came about, she did the same for the Kaname x Yuuki kiss~! (Or better saying, Yuuki x Kaname kiss. XD<3)

The added images are lovely. X3 *will be posting them as soon as she can*

In my last post, when I mentioned it, I saw a lot of people mentioning that they didn't know that the Zero x Yuuki scene had been lenghtened too, so I uploaded it as well, for people who hasn't seen it yet. ^_^/
You can download the longer version of the Zero x Yuuki one here if you'd like. :D
It's longer and more detailed than the magazine version.

The versions you can find online like on Onemanga are the short/less detailed magazine versions.
The versions you can find in book format, both in Japan and in foreign releases are the longer, more detailed versions. :D

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