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More VK scanlations, from volume 9 and the fanbook. :D


I wish I could just scan and scanlate everything at once, but sadly lack of time makes that I have to proceed by batches. XD;

However, I have good news for you, I was bad and procrastinated, so instead of just scans, you'll be getting scanlations today!! ;D ♥


First, the fanbook, because I just can't resist showing you right away the AWESOME little comical bonuses in it~! X3 ♥

I scanlated them all. :D

I'll be scanlating other important parts of the fanbook too, but the little comical pages had top priority. XD

I nearly died from laughter when I saw this one!!
It's like the most adorable and hilarious possible re-make of the chapter 30 fight! *ROTFLOL* XD XD<333

If you're wondering what type of music Krauser-san does, youtube has stuff... ;D

The 'I love kitties and puppies' thing nearly killed me of laughter. Especially the whole "but I HATE you!!" thing afterwards.
Kaname & Zero's mind can be strangely similar, and absolutely hilariously adorable. XD XD

This is like one of the most fangirlable things ever. *rotfl*
I never expected them to touch on such a subject, but apparently, Hino-sensei went wild because it was a fanbook, so only fans would be seeing it, thus making it less likely that the random reader not into VK would pass by, find it bizarre and throw rocks or something. *rotfl*

I ADORE the fact that this makes canon that Kaname is a masochist. XD *rotfl* (I can't help it, my fangirly brain will always focus most on the most fangirlable Kaname info, hahahaha. XD;;; *lol*)

I also love how Zero was all feeling bad about it and Yuuki still managed to annoy him anyway. XD Poor Zero. *lol*
You're indeed right too, Zero. She's obviously a sadist, but then, we already knew that from reading the manga, hahahaha~! XD

And the surprisingly giddy and fangirly way that Juri sounds amused me endlessly too. XD
This is the woman that, in her profile/bio (in another page of the fanbook) declared that her hobbies after having children were "playing duets on the piano or boardgames with my daughter" and "toying with Kaname"........!!
Sadistic too. Like mother like daughter. *rotfl*

I love Haruka more with each of his appearances, btw. XD<3

Edit: And Hino-sensei later drew a sort of a follow-up bonus on the sadist-or-masochist thingie, with Aidou commenting on Kaname's preferences and deciding to match his own to Kaname's... XD XD *LOL*
It came out as a rare limited edition print, but luckily I got it and so you can read it in English here, I scanlated it too. :D

I LOVE THIS PAGE~! XD Well, I love all the comical bonus pages~! X33333 ♥

I wonder if it's just the image that shocks Zero or if it's the blood or what. XD
Probably the idea of Yuuki wanting bloody food doesn't helps, hahahaha. XD
But yet another proof that Yuuki is somewhat sadistic, whether she notices it or not. *rotfl* XD

As for the other image, I don't think that sight is thaaaat impossible though. XD
Unlikely, yes, but impossible. Just stick Yuuki in the middle and maybe they'll both keep smiling innocently that way. *rotfl* XD

Aren't they the most adorable thing EVER? XD<33

Kaname Kuran, like you've NEVER seen him before. XD *rotfl*

And this was part of the same page than the previous one, but I put it separate to have it in bigger size. XD

The lines are because it comes straight out of Hino-sensei's notebook. XD
I just love that she'd doodle something like that. *would kill to get to see the contents of that doodle notebook* XD XD

He's wearing one of those thick at-home kimono tops, that old people and people staying at home (and not in risk of being seen by anyone while dressed that way XD) would wear, in Japan.
It's very warm, but often unsightly. XD

The glasses are so lovely, and the fact that he tied his hair up so that it wouldn't fall on his eyes make me melt too, weird-looking at it may be. XD<333

At first I was so shocked by the sight, but then.... it's also SO CUTE and somewhat innocent, in that it's so different from how he normally is... *rotfl* Just plain adorably hilarious!! XD<333

I'll be scanning and scanlating the rest of all the main parts of the fanbook as I can find time. ^__^/
I'll be posting it all here and in the community, as always. :D

I also finally scanned the Ichiru & Shizuka bonus story from volume 8, but hadn't had time to scanlate it yet. I'll be posting it when I can. :D :D
*crumbles under deadlines and suffocates, will scanlate when she can crawl out from beneath for a moment* XD;; *lol*

The comical bonuses in volume 9 were short, so I scanned and scanlate today, here it is:

Kaname & Ichijou side:

Passed during the chapter 43 scene with Ichiou. XD *rotfl*

So, like Aidou had warned Yuuki, Rido did flip her skirt, and now Kaname must do something
horrible to Aidou for having failed to protect Yuuki's erm, innocence. *rotfl* XD XD

Zero & Yuuki side:

Poor Zero. XD He's at the very end of the rope here. XD;;;
Maybe he can make himself a chair of vines to sit on while waiting for volume 10... *lol* XD

And if you want to see it combined into a single image, click here. :D

The next time I can find a free moment, I'll be scanlating the lenghtened kiss scene betwee Kaname and Yuuki in chapter 41 of volume 9. ^_^/

Hino-sensei had originally redrawn the scene where Zero tried to kiss Yuuki, because she didn't find the magazine version good enough and wanted to make it better for the book release, so when volume 9 came about, she did the same for the Kaname x Yuuki kiss~! (Or better saying, Yuuki x Kaname kiss. XD<3)

The added images are lovely. X3 *will be posting them as soon as she can*

In my last post, when I mentioned it, I saw a lot of people mentioning that they didn't know that the Zero x Yuuki scene had been lenghtened too, so I uploaded it as well, for people who hasn't seen it yet. ^_^/
You can download the longer version of the Zero x Yuuki one here if you'd like. :D
It's longer and more detailed than the magazine version.

The versions you can find online like on Onemanga are the short/less detailed magazine versions.
The versions you can find in book format, both in Japan and in foreign releases are the longer, more detailed versions. :D

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