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How to buy LaLa magazine.

Edit: Scroll down for more options also. ^^/

Some people asked before how to buy LaLa if you live in any place of the world out of Japan, and since I came across a thumbnail of LaLa while looking for something on Amazon, I thought I'd make a quick post to mention it:

Amazon Japan sells LaLa and various other magazines.

They ship worldwide.

The only problem is: LaLa is HEAVY. The shipping fee might be killer you. :X
(It will depend on the country you live in, but average equivalent would be $4 magazine + $30 shipping fee. XD;
I don't know exactly, it's an estimate calculated online, but I'm assuming that with the weight and all, it will be around that maybe.)

But if you really really want it and it's a month where there's a goodie you absolutely must have or something, then it's totally worth it, I guess. It depends how you see that sort of thing. :)

Just one warning: I buy my LaLa in the normal walk-in japanese-book-&-magazine places each month, so I have no idea how Amazon does it, if they ship fast, if they take forever, or anything. So, well, uhm, it's not my fault if it turns out to be slow or if the shipping turns out to be expensive or anything. XD;;
I guess you can see how much shipping is if you place an order, and then decide whether you want or not.
It's info provided as a helpful thingie, but without me being able to guarantee how much things may cost etc. ^^/


Additional little thing:

Just in case because people might ask: the special Kaname or Zero bedsheets don't come with the magazine, unfortunately. XD;
You still would have to have an address in Japan to order it, or use a deputy shopper that covers that sort of thing.

However, the sheets are one of the most awaited goodies Lala has made in a LONG time, I never saw so much excitement around the zensa in a while, so there will be MANY people getting them and reselling on auctions, once they're out.

It might take several months before it's up (goodies like that take a while before they're shipped, since the deadline runs for a while and then there's the shipping a while later), but once they are, they'll probably be popping up on auctions at one point or another.
So don't lose hope if you can't get your own from the magazine, you might still be able to snatch some out later in auctions. ;D


Extra additional little thing:

While I'm making a post about Amazon, I thought I might as well give some linkies:

Vampire Knight volume 8 on sale on Amazon.

Vampire Knight novel 2 on sale on Amazon. (It says comics but it's the new novel. XD)

Pre-orders for volume 9 of the manga and the Fanbook (both scheduled for release next month) have not opened yet, but when they do I'll naturally also make a post about it. :)

Other Options:

tabimendou kindly pointed out that in the UK (and maybe Europe) you can also get LaLa from the Japan Centre.
They also offer subscriptions. :)


Recommendations from yukiya_ayase (I don't know if all for Lala though): --> Good shipping and interesting things. --> lots of heavy stuff qualifies for free shipping worldwide. --> occasional artbook :D Model kit and mecha merchandise.
And Vampire Knight manga (in english) cost 8.5$sg in Singapore (, and it's up to book 7.


Recommendation from anoniemouse Useful for Magazine Subscriptions, shipping fees included.


Edit: I noticed that CD Japan also offers LaLa subscriptions.

Edit: ashlichan pointed out that a US branch of the japanese bookstore Sanseido also offers subscriptions! :D (Although I'm not sure if they ship to other countries or just within the US, so you might want to ask the shop first depending where you live.)

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