March 23rd, 2012

¤ VK Mine - OT3

Vampire Knight manga chapter 81 scans & summary + Zero & Kaname chibi mascots news +fangame stuff ^^

I couldn't resist messing with the chapter cover to make this little preview of the two sexy vampires standing nearby. X333 ♥♥♥

Angst? What angst? Nevermind how dramatic that image was supposed to be. XD
If we enjoy the sexy fanservice, the agonizing dramatic canon eases away somewhat... XD; *lol*

Another month during which I ended up not getting to post anything on my LJ. ^^;; ORZ
At least I got to go read a few bits of fics here and there and some stuff, but not much. D: *has so many lovely series to catch up on, especially the multi-chaptered ones that need more time to savor*

I did get a bit of time this month after all, but I figured that if I were to come online properly and start fangirling VK, that time would disappear quickly, so instead I just stayed offline and used that time up to write more of my Zero x Kaname fic, "Cradle of Blood", and to work on making chibi-VK mascots!!♥ :D

Mini teaser screencap of the beta-testing version:

Chibi-Zero glares at us. XD He is jealous of people poking his Kana-chan.

(More on that later in this post.)

Onto the new VK manga chapter, VK 81 had the usual epic dramatic build ups and the also usual (at least usual for a while now...^^;) depressing XD; angst to up the drama and make it seem like the world will end in each chapter, but it also had a very delicious moe/fangirlable overload in this chapter, especially for fans of Zero & Kaname. *___*♥ Fans of them together as a yaoi couple, at least. XD *is shot*
It's nothing at the level of the series best moments (delicious chapter 30 ZxK drinking scene, anyone?), but considering the starvation of Zero & Kaname fanservice we've been put through for such a long time, this chapter was APOTHEOTIC. 8D

So much so that it had me drawing pervy fanart within minutes of reading LaLa. XD;; *only had time to do a messy sketch so far, but will try and do a clean version later and post it sometime* :D

There were also some very angsty but deliciously moeable moments for fans of Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki, but I almost forgot I also fangirl those pairings due to how hardcore I was fangirling the Zero & Kaname fanservice aspect. XD;;; Yuuki who again?? Oh! Errr, the main character, yeaaah. XD; VK is really not a normal shojo manga. XD *lol*

So without further ado, here's a chapter summary +commentary & ramblings and some delicious scans. *__*/♥♥♥

Warning: LOTS of Zero x Kaname fangirling, some mild amounts of Zero x Yuuki and Kaname x Yuuki fangirling.
Nothing explicit though... but if you are allergic to anything implying or mentioning man x man mind images or multiple-pairing-fangirling, err... you might break out in hives. XD; *lol*

There's a, err, normal summary (XD; well, at least with not a lot more yaoi than usual), but by the end of the post things degenerate faster and faster into mind images of Zero & Kaname rolling around on the ground tearing each other's clothes off (XD;;; my idealized way the rest of the manga should be *lol*), so if you dislike yaoi, you might want to skip once the summary itself ends, and just scroll past the fangirly fit to go to the rest of the post about the VK game stuff etc. XD;

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Edit to add: It turns out there's a place that scanlated the chapter super early (though I don't know if they did it from the Chinese scanlations that tend to show up early or from an actual Japanese raws, but in any case, it's totally awesome that they're posting so early). ^^♥
Here's a link yo their site, Dragon & Fly Scans. :D

And as I promised at the beginning of this post, I also have news about the adoptable VK chibi mascots I'm making. :D♥

The long awaited Zerorin chibi mascot should hopefully come out sometime this year, and should be even more cute and interactive than it was originally going to be, btw~ :D Thanks to err, technology advances. XD *lol* As in, I have been figuring out how to make various cute thingies. X3
I can't say yet when anything might get ready since due to lack of time I have no idea, and don't want to disappoint people by announcing it and then not being able to release things on time. ^^;;; *wanted to have released Zero ages ago already, but lack of time + I kept changing him happened*

But there will also be other adorable surprises~! \^-^/ More Z&K mascot stuff, if all goes well~!
For now here's at least an actual moving sneak peak of something from one of the planned mascots... :D

Please ignore that they currently look crappy. XD;

This is still a draft because I'm not yet done drawing them, I just did a rough mock-up to animate them. I don't use references of live action people walking etc. for the chibi animations, since it wouldn't look right for chibies, so I have no choice but to draw it several times and animate things over and over until it looks cute and how I wanted it to be. ^^; So I do the rough tests first, and when the mascot works fine/the animations are cute, I do the final versions of the pictures drawn for it. :3

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As for CoB (my Zero x Kaname fanfic series), I'm so hoping that I might be able to update this month, for real that time since last time I said that it seems time flew by. ^^;

Chapter 25 of CoB is almost finished, but it still needs some last chunks in various parts of it etc., + I usually take a while in finishing details. ^^;
But on the good news side, it's ridiculously long. So hopefully that makes up a bit for the lateness of being updated. ^^;

I wanted to also make a better update with more details etc. about "VK - Love³ -", the VK fangame which I'm making (the one where you get to play as Yuuki and try to get the guys, or push them towards each other X3), but lack of time makes that I'll have to postpone such a better post again. ^^; Another time. :D
It's going slow, but hopefully it will be enjoyable once it's finally ready~! :D

For now here's at least an older screencap I did of the way a page in the CG gallery in the game will look like:

As you play the game, you unlock the CGs, which you can then later look at in the CG gallery part of the game, so that you can see your favorite moments again without having to play through all over again each time. ^^
Though it's empty at the beginning, of course, before you unlock them. That screencap was just to show the layout of the gallery, with a couple of example empty thumbnails. ^^

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It's not exactly a 'normal' type of romance game. XD (Well, aside from the obvious since the heroine can get a thresome ending or try and get the guys to turn the game yaoi instead. XD XD *lol*)

Unlike in most romance games like that, Yuuki has to worry not only about winning the guy(s)'s hearts, she also has to be careful because she can die if you mess up. XD Shockingly often in some cases, like by getting attacked by level E's or getting in accidents etc.
After all, it's a vampire story in a world full of dangers, rather than a normal school romance in a safer world. :3
(The guys can die too, but less often/not the same way as Yuuki. XD;; VK is angsty... but luckily in the game at least you can save every so often and go back to your previous save point if someone dies. XD)

Depending on how you do, the game can have full happy ends (the 'perfect endings' for the trio and each of the pairings you can go for, such as Yuuki with either of them, or the guys together with each other)), or intermediate endings (pairing-related endings that are partial good ends and partial bad ends), or terrible bad ends... as well as some crack endings. XD
You have to make things flow smoothly so that Yuuki gets the pairing she wants without upsetting the balance of things. :D

So hopefully it will be fun. ^-^/ ♥♥♥

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