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UPDATED POST with scans etc. !! - Vampire Knight manga chapter 77 + VK mini-game :D ♥

Nov. 20th, 2011 | 01:34 pm
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EDIT: Post is now updated with scans I've done from my LaLa and a variety of ramblings etc. about the chapter and some news. :D *will add more later also*

Warning: As always, there's some yaoi ramblings among the fangirling of both Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki.
This place if het and yaoi friendly, and bashing of any characters or pairings is unwelcome here.

I scanned a huge size version of the cover:

Click for giant version.

Edit to add: Serafira and Atemu_Mana cleaned my scan, with lovely results.
Here it is, if you would like to take a look. :D

Yaoi gushing: In the close-up, you can see Zero's lips are sexily matte as usual, and... both Yuuki and Kaname sexily wear lip gloss as usual? 8D *is shot* XD; Maybe in Kaname's case it's, err, chapstick to prevent delicate lips from cracking with the cold. 8DDD *lol*
Sorry, the Zero seme x Kaname uke fan in me tends to rejoice at such tiny details like the differences in how Zero and Kaname's lips are colored/shaded... Matte = gives a seme-like feel, while more glossy gives me uke vibes... XD
But Kaname's lips have always been glossy/blushy, even in screentoned images, so...perhaps it's just a natural pureblood feature. XD
In the artbook cover, Zero's lips were glossy too though, so... yaoi fans who prefer Zero uke have such fangirlable options too. 8D Maybe Kaname and Zero secretly shared a kiss before the artbook pic and that's where the gloss passed from one's lips to the other. j/k *is shot* XD *LOL*

Not a detailed summary this month since we've already seen the chapter (I posted links to translations etc. some days ago in this post), but there's commentary of some parts and fangirling of the various main moe/fangirlable points, as well as theory stuff. :D So scroll down for all that~! ♥

I thought I'd have the time to update the post much sooner, something like three days ago maybe, when I was finally able to buy my LaLa, but work was still too busy and when I could either take breaks or whatever else I was in too much of a rush and/or too dead tired and could only drop by for quickly replying to comments. ^^;

But now I could finally delve back into my LaLa and all things VK, and also scan a bunch of stuff, mostly pics that are not in the Chinese scanlation that we've seen the links for before. ^^/ So I bring a lot of delicious pics + some news etc. in this edit~!♥

It includes Hino-sensei's New Year card! :D

Click for large size.

Hino-sensei is as usual extremely skilled at teasing us since it shows Yuuki smiling at us while holding the hand of a man off-screen... making us cling to the image imagining which of them it is, as well as allowing us to imagine it with whichever we feel like at the moment. X3

There's a more concrete clue to who's hand it might be though, in the fact the hand and arm are wearing the same dark glove and cuffed/belted coat sleeve style that Kaname has been wearing lately (like what he was wearing in the New Year teaser pic last month, with dark gloves and a farther back belt-thingie on the sleeve cuff that is slightly different from the one we've seen in Zero's coat before, where the belt-thingie is closer to the edge of the cuff than on Kaname's coat), but please keep in mind that this is just visual clues in a New Year card about random clothing the characters wear, please don't go and start flames over that. ^^; Either to me or other people.
(Sometimes just me fangirling one pairing or the other is enough to get pointless flames from fans of one or the other side, so... please don't waste your time and my time flaming me for whatever details Hino-sensei draws in the manga, I'm just fangirling whatever she draws and I love both Kaname x Yuuki and Zero x Yuuki anyway, so I just fangirl one or the other depending on whatever is going on at the moment etc.)

I'm just pointing out those details because it struck me that the hand and sleeve were the same as what Kaname is wearing in the New Year teaser pic last month, although since in said pic Hino-sensei chose to not show Zero's hands, he could maybe be wearing the same type of sleeves etc. as Kaname, even though the trenchcoats are different (we can see from the details on their shoulder areas). There's nothing preventing Zero from wearing whatever he may want to, so... it could be either of them even if Kaname was wearing that in the other pic. ^^

In any case, it's nothing new with Hino-sensei's style of teasing us, she puts one of the guys in the same place as Yuuki, then inserts a ton of hints to her closeness also with the other guy in order to keep both branches of the triangle present and alive in the story at all times.
It's no different than when she had Yuuki and Kaname living together at the Kuran manor and kept showing the bracelet to show that link to Zero, so now Yuuki is back at the academy near Zero but the New Year pic teases us with it looking like it's Kaname's glove and sleeve, and Yuuki mentions him etc. in the chapters, so his presence is still there and both sides of the triangle keep going. ^^
Hino-sensei is good at going back and forth keeping the love triangle present, and that way there are always lovely things for both pairings so that both sides of the fandom can enjoy this or that pic/moment/little bits of moe here and there for each pairing throughout the story. ♥

Since the latest volume cover is Yuuki with Zero, it's also only fair that Hino-sensei would put Kaname & Yuuki in other pics as well, in hints or more directly.

And if you must view the New Year pic as one pairing or the other to be able to enjoy it, you could always also view it as it being either Kaname or Zero, since we don't see the face and after all, Zero could be wearing something similar to Kaname's clothes too, especially since it's cold and gloves make sense in such weather. ^^

So between that pic and the other recent ones, it should all make happy either side of the fandom, hopefully. :D ♥

And if you want to lose all romantic vibes from that pic, there's another person in the manga whom I've seen before wearing that exact same style of gloves and sleeve cuffs: Kaien Cross. XD
So it's possible the New Year pic just looks mysterious to tease us all and it's actually just a father & daughter New Year outing rather than anything romantic with either of the guys. XD XD *lol*

And here's a scan I did of the advert image for the upcoming release of volume 15, which has a gorgeous pic of Yuuki and Zero:

Click for large size.

As I've mentioned farther down in the post, I love this cover because it's such a lovely image of the two, giving a feeling of them protectively guarding each other's backs (hopefully they can protect each other from any harm from Sara ^^;), and also because... I love that she's crushing that rose, and it's such a Kaname pose, another element making K & Y so similar and also fueling my fangirly thing of Yuuki at the academy = like a doujinshi of Zero x female Kaname. XD *LOL*
So the image is enjoyable in many ways, as Zero x Yuuki and also as various other possibilities. XD

I just wish we could see Zero's sexy face too. T^T *wants to see him looking happy in a cover, ideally the whole trio looking happy* VK has so many serious pics...and they're definitely super sexy, but happy pics are nice too. X3

You can see the final version/thumbnail for the volume 15 cover also in the large-size color chapter cover I scanned. ^^ (See at the top of this post.)

More scans farther down in the post, scroll past the grey text to see. ^^/

Older part of the post, where you can find links to translations etc.:
Scroll farther down to see more of the new images which I've scanned and which are not in the links or the Chinese scanlation etc.
Another month went by during which work deadlines etc. were so crazy that I barely could draw fanarts or post much at all. T^T *had so many planned but could get so few done*

I'm just glad I was able to do the Halloween pic and the VK chibi-character adoptables at least. :D Hopefully next month I get to post more often.
I've also been dying to update my fic series, but whenever I find a tiny moment, it seems it flies by and I didn't get to yet. This month was/is still being extra busy and rushed. ^^;

But for the time being I came running to share with you a link to see the new VK manga chapter, even if it can't be read in raw or English yet:

As they have done lately, the Chinese scanlation group 玖玖爱枢 ("99 Love Kaname") posted a Chinese scanlation of the VK chapter. :D ♥

If you understand Chinese, or just want to see the chapter, here's a link to the post by Kaname_no_Sora from 玖玖爱枢, who posted the Chinese scanlation.
PLEASE: Do not steal their scans. If you want to repost their images or anything like that, make sure you ask them permission first, since they scanned it and all.

It's all in Chinese, not in Japanese, so I can't read it since I don't understand Chinese.
Also, since it was posted only as a Chinese scanlation, and not posted as a raw in Japanese, I can't vouch for accuracy of it or of any translation of that translation since I don't speak Chinese, but it's definitely lovely to be able to see the chapter early, and we should of course all be grateful to the team for scanning and posting it~! :D ♥♥♥

Edit: Senbyafanatic kindly translated the Chinese scanlation, so if you'd like to read her post, here it is. :D

And a scanlation was made by someone who pasted Senbyafanatic's translation lines onto the scans made by the Chinese scanlation group, but I'm not sure if the person had permission since there's no credit or any mention at all of the Chinese scanlators who did those scans. ^^;
So I can only hope it was done with permission and the person who did it just forgot to mention it. ^^;;;;;

You can also see a sneak peek of the cover of the latest volume, in the blog of one of the members of the same scanlation group. ^^

For the time being, here are a few ramblings and spoilery comments on what we can already see of the new chapter. :DCollapse )

UPDATED POST: Additional ramblings and scans etc. this way~! :D

(Sorry for the seemingly random order of this edit. Originally I planned to put all the new stuff here so that it would be after the older part of the post, but then I added some also early in the post so that you could see the edit right away instead of only if you scroll down my page. ^^; So there's a bit there and here, but the post is not huge so it shouldn't too much trouble hopefully.)

As I promised earlier in the post, here's more new stuff I scanned from LaLa:

Teaser pic for next month's chapter! :D
(1 of 2 teaser pics since there were two this month.)

Click for close up.

Additional ramblings and more scans etc. this way~! :D Also some news on the upcoming VK bonus chapter!!Collapse )


Edit to add a few last things:

One, please support our beloved VK!! ;___; Series die if people don't support them.

Please buy the volumes and support the series, so that you can fully enjoy the complete experience of VK since Hino-sensei always adds all sorts of sexy things/more detailed screentoning/etc. etc. to the final versions of the chapters. :D
The magazine versions are always somewhat incomplete, as she adds retouches later. :D So if you buy the books, not only you'll be supporting the series, but also you'll het to see a much more beautiful and complete VK than if you just look at incomplete scans. :D ♥

The full sexiness of Zero and Kaname can only be experienced by people who support the series, since only by buying the books do you get to see it all!! 8D *lol*

VK volume 15 comes out in Japanese on December 5th. :D


Two, please refrain from scan theft. ^^;;;
You can take the scans in this post if it's for making signatures/avatars/AMVs and such lovely things, but if it's just to put in your own blog etc. as is then it's best to just give a link to this post, that way people get to see them all together here. ^^ Or if you must take one or another and repost, please make sure to say they came from here and please don't hotlink, please reupload to your own place.

And please, do not steal scans from anyone else either. ^^; Please support VK by buying LaLa too if you want to scanlate anything, and if you must repost or edit someone else's scans, then please ASK people first before taking or reuploading their images. ^^


And lastly, although totally unrelated to VK, I have a book recommendation!! ^^

Sorry that it's unrelated, but it's from an awesome author which I like from his fanarts for another fandom, and it has supernatural elements in the story as well (including some vampire stuff), so I thought there might be people interested too... and figured I might as well recommend now since I'm never sure if it won't take yet another month before I finally post again. ORZ

For a long while I've been following online this author's lovely fanarts for Saint Seiya (although I haven't had time to do anything for that fandom since forever due to my VK obsession eating all my free time XD;), and as time passed he went from doing fanarts to doing also his own original projects over the years.

He's currently doing an original series about supernatural beings etc., for a French publisher. His name is Jérôme Alquié and the series title is "Surnaturels", you can see it here.

It's western comics rather than manga, but there's many people who like both, so I thought I'd mention it anyway. :D

The story is about a girl who has a handicap but is fighting to live life as she wants to despite that, and after moving to her new place she ends up meeting a vampire and other supernatural beings and together they fight enemies etc.
It's not very well known yet because from what I was told the publisher doesn't usually advertises their series, so things often depend on people recommending stuff to friends etc. for new series to pick up.

It could be something that might interest fans of other series with supernatural elements in it also, so if you live somewhere where they sell books by that publisher, please take a look at that series, flip through it, see if you'd like it and if you like what you see, then please support it? :D

I'm a big fan of the artist's StS fanarts, and one of my best friends is a friend of his, so I wanted to recommend his series. ^^

There's also a facebook page for the series, and a blog for the main character, updated as if it was her who's writing it, if you're interested.


And I leave you with a VK test flash-game I made while I was practicing stuff to see if I can someday make a VK mini-game with platforms. :D

You might have already seen it on either my tumblr or my DA, as I posted it there when I first put it together.

Version where Zero's legs move normally.
Version where Zero's legs move funny. XD

You play as chibi-Zero, climbing platforms that look like flying blue poop because it was just a really quickly-made test game XD a, err, blue mountain to rescue chibi-Kaname. XD
(Just click the game screen and then use the arrow keys to move Zero.)

It was going to be to rescue chibi-Yuuki, but uhm, yaoi struck while I was making it and of course I couldn't resist having Zero rescuing Kaname. XD♥

So enjoy, and see you later~! :D

♥ ♥ ♥


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