May 22nd, 2009

¤ VK Mine - Adorable little Kaname hap

VK 50 is on its way.

I meant to mention this a while earlier, but I forgot to make my usual little post about it... XD; *lol*

Hot pic of Zero is hot. XD

VK chapter 50 is on its way, coming in some hours. :D

*currently scanlating* :3

Here's some eye-candy while you wait for it. XD

Volume 10's cover image. :3
*sudden yuri fangirling* XD; *is shot*

And the gorgeous chapter cover, Yuuki with her two protectors. :3
(They look sexy even as metaphorical wolves. XD)

Click for full-size. :D

Ka... Kaname's muzzle is nuzzling near Zero's ear or is that just me? *-*/ *is shot, likes to see yaoi everywhere* XDDD
I find it's a pretty good metaphor of the manga, that Yuuki is holding Kaname in her arms, but still leaning against Zero/resting supported against him. And it's lovely that the two wolves/vampires are near each other so peacefully, for her. ♥ PLEASE BECOME A THREESO-*is shot again*

EDIT: The chapter is scanlated~! :D

¤ VK Mine - Adorable little Kaname hap

VK 50 scanlated in English is here! :D


VK 50 scanlated in English is here! :D

I HAD to put that pic of Zero in the preview. His pose & smile were just so hot that it caused me three hours of a sleazy grin on my face. XD

Also, this chapter has filled me with such IMMENSE Zero x Kaname moe ever since I put my hands in the magazine, can you imagine how hard it was to resist the temptation to write fanfiction right away instead of spending the entire night scanlating? XD;;;
It was HARD. XD *was so terribly tempted, and the playlist filled with sexy Zero x Kaname yaoi inducing songs didn't help either* 8D;;
As soon as I have time again next, I'm SO SO writing OODLES of fanfiction with the moe from this chapter. 8D;;;

It took longer than usual, probably because I've been sick lately. (Flu with really bad timing to catch so close to the chapter coming out ^^;)
Usually I don't pass out asleep on the table in the middle of it. 8D;;; *lol* *was making a pause while cleaning the scans, suddenly noticed a while had passed and she was almost drooling on her table* XD;;;; Urg. XD;;

(Hence taking pauses, though my energy still held better than expected. XD *is a brute that is not as affected by flu etc, probably due to pureblood healing. 8D; *lol*)

Also, 50 is 33% longer than the usual chapters, which must also have made it take longer. XD;; <-- *stupidly spent most of the night wondering why it was taking so much longer, then suddenly realizes the number of pages is in direct correlation to that* 8D;;;;;;;

But in any case, IT'S HERE now~! \\*__*// Whee~

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And if you see anyone selling scanlations, please bite them somewhere very painful. D: Use pointy teeth!! Let's train along with Yuuki! *is shot*

Enjoy the chapter~~!! \^___^/