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Quick Shiki x Rima post.

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 11:01 am
mood: recumbentrecumbent


Yet another post with a quick little info thingie from the fanbook. ^_^/
I didn't have time to scanlate the bios from it yet, but to make up for it, I make little informational posts when I am fangirling a particular thing from the book. XD

Unrelated image from the novel, so the post is prettier. XD *lol*

Today, I bring you the backstory of Shiki & Rima's meeting & relationship:

Rima was a huge fan of Shiki's mom as an actress, (which makes me wonder if she'd be terrible disappointed if she met her and saw how she is now, as the madness was progressively getting worse as Shiki grew up).
She actually became a model because she wanted to walk in the footsteps of Shiki's mom! :D
(Except it doesn't says why she ended up as a model rather than an actress... ^^/
Maybe Rima can't act? XD;; *is shot* *lol*)

This is how she ended up meeting Shiki, who'd also become a model. They met on the job and became inseparable. :D

Shiki became a model because he was scouted when going to see his mom while she was working as an actress. (It seems she still was one until recently, while he was growing up.)

And you might already know that, but since I'm making a post about them, here's some bio info:

■ Shiki is 16 years old, 173cm tall, and from a pro-council family. (His grand-uncle on his mom's side is one of the council elders.)
He's one of the youngest in the Night Class (at least among the main group), and is even shorter than Aidou.

■ Rima is 16 years old, 165cm tall, and from a pro-monarchy family. (Meaning pro-Kaname. And Rido had intended to murder her and her family for that, as he was siding with the council.)

The political positions of their families make their relationship even more interesting, because it's kind of a forbidden situation, one may say. (Whether it's love or friendship).
Well, not officially forbidden, but at least the older members of the community on either side would frown at the idea of the two being so close, especially the ones on the council's side, as far as we know.


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VK inspirational music. :D (*fangirling Kaname x Yuuki so much*)

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 05:23 pm
mood: optimisticoptimistic


I'm bouncing back and forth between fangirling Kaname x Yuuki and fangirling Zero x Kaname, and my playlist is filled with stuff that makes me fangirl both, so my moods keep bouncing from one to the other. XD *lol*

I was taking a break when I decided to check the lyrics of one of the songs, and it was so lovely that I just had to make a quick post with it. :D

I view it as a great song for an angsty Kaname x Yuuki situation. ^^/
(Despite the fact I'm more in the mood for romantic & cute Kaname x Yuuki stuff at the moment. XD
*still fangirling adorable things from the fanbook* XD ♥ The fanbook is a NEVER ENDING source of moe and fangirling bliss. XD<333)

Song & lyrics this way.Collapse )


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Lack of time + copics

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 07:23 pm
mood: artisticartistic


I haven't used copics in ages, but the current lack of time added to the fact that for mysterious reasons my computer is being evil and refuses to let my tablet work, I drew some traditional art.

At first, I was tearing my hair in "OMG, how am I going to LIVE without my tablet working?!" mode (we're still trying to figure out what's wrong so that the PC stops being stupid and the tablet goes back to normal), but then it hit me that Hino-sensei does all that gorgeous VK color art with copics, so I pulled out one of my old boxes of copic markers and drew this little piccie.

Due to the deadlines-induced lack of time, it's a really quick pic (that was the whole point too XD;), so I didn't bother looking for my beloved colorless blender to make things smoother or prettier. (I used to use more of the blender than of the inks themselves, back when I used copic regularly. XD *lol*)

So yeah, kinda messy, but I'm happy with the way the eyes turned out looking a bit more like the official art than usually. :D
I was trying to figure out which copic colors Hino-sensei might use, but was in a rush, so I didn't want to take the time to pull out of storage all of the copic boxes I have, so I just grabbed one of them that had both skin tones and browns, and lucked out because it also had something close enough for his eyes. :)


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