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Vampire Knight 79 + mini-hiatus


Hello everybody!! ^-^/

I was able to get LaLa super early this month~!♥ Four days early! *__*

Click to see the huge size version of this lovely pic.
:D ♥

But I'm totally submerged with stuff in RL and actually need to take a plane in less than 48h but need to finish a lot of stuff first, so... *rushes by* ^^;;;

This post will be way shorter than usual, and I'll still be extra-busy for some time after this, so I won't be showing up much online for a bit. Though I'll drop by to fangirl the chapter and post about VK stuff whenever I have a moment as usual. :D (Just less often/less long than usual.)
I thought it best to make a mini-hiatus warning just in case I end up not having time to show up much, that way hopefully it won't worry people. *still feels so guilty for worrying everybody with my long hiatus a while ago* ^^;

Also, I'm super late with catching up reading everybody's posts/comments/PMs etc. as usual, ORZ. ^^;; Sorry!!

I've been hoping to find a moment to finish the dress-up game and some mascots among other stuff also, but I didn't get to on time for Christmas. D:
Hopefully sometime I'll get to post them. :)

So onwards with the summary~! :D ♥

Vampire Knight 79 summary etc. this way~!♥ Collapse )

Super quick next day edit as I rush by again:
I got to check the Chinese scanlation posts now, and "玖玖爱枢♀" posted the chapter as they've been doing every moth. :D
It seems they either got it the next day I got my LaLa or the same day but could post their scanlation the next day, so in any case it's still super fast as usual. Many thanks to Jinjinlin12 and everyone from their team. ^^
As usual no raws, but you can at least see the chapter pages in the Chinese scanlation, if you are interested. ^^/

Also, Senbyafanatic has translated the Chinese scanlation, so here's the link to her post also. :D

*hopes you'll enjoy the manga and have fun* ^-^/ ♥

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