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Vampire Knight 43 in English!! :D :D

VK 43 IS HERE~!<3

Only partially related to the chapter pretty eye-candy. XD *rotfl*

I just spent the entire night scanning, cleaning, translating and scanlating. XD

I didn't say anything before so it would be a surprise... it's not raws I had planned to post, it's the full chapter in English. XD

That's why I didn't make a post with a summary right away yesterday afternoon. ;)
I wanted to save it for the post with the full chapter translated.

I really hope you enjoy it, because uhm, was really, REALLY killer tiresome, because I wanted to get it out soon for everybody, and took no pause or anything. XD;; *dies from overexertion*
I'm so dead I almost feel like crying. XD;;; *back hurts so bad, has been scanning, cleaning, translating and lettering for the past 11 or 12 hours UNINTERRUPTED* XD;;;;;;;; *dies*

I got so tired that I got over-emotional about something that happens to a character in the chapter and started bawling my eyes out while scanlating. *rotfl* XD;;; *actually had to dry her tablet from the tears* XD;;;

I hope you'll enjoy the chapter!! :D
*feels happy and fangirly again now that it's ready, though back & neck pain remain* XD *rotfl*

I created a scanlation name for it, mostly just to put a mark because last time some people were stealing the translation and claiming to have done it, so I assume it might happen with the pages as well. ;-; Please don't steal. It really REALLY sucks if you do that after all I've done.
Though it hurts so much for me to put a mark on those beautiful pages. *feels like she's soiling them* ;-; Personal marks don't belong in official art, it's wrong... but I'm just putting the mark for the translation, of course. :X

And on the subject of scanlations, two months ago or so I gave permission to the group VK Scans to use my translation, but I think they didn't get around to scanlating the old chapter yet, and I'm not sure if they're still around, so, well, I guess I might as well just put my translation in my raws so you can read it right away. ^^;/
If they come back, they can use the translation too if they still want to. :D

Enough of rambling, onwards with the chapter!! XD

Edit: Now with additional commentary, as I vegetated enough to regain a bit of energy and edit my post to add ramblings, *lol*. XD

Gorgeous cover in bigger size. X3

Hottest pic of the two EVER. XD XD *nosebleeds to death*
I think Kaname is the "B choice" because it's not a new pic, while Zero was drawn for the goodies since they didn't have a pic of him that way. :D
And vines! <3

This is both pretty but bittersweet/sad for Zeki fans, since there's the whole "never again together".
*still supports threesome idea so that all three ends happy* XD;;

I'm a Kaname x Yuuki fan, though I wish Zero could also have a happy end... the way things are going everybody might have the tragic end instead. D:
(Well, Hino-sensei did originall say VK was supposed to be a tragic love story. ;-;)

The bat thing, I LOVED it. XD I always liked that they didn't have the bat transformation
things in VK, but with the way it was done here, it's awesome, because it's
a pureblood thing and it's just a bit of his energy/part of his body, so it's perfect.

I want to kick that council elder woman for squeezing
so cruelly what is a part of Kaname's energy/body. XD; *lol*

Kaname = ♥ ;-;

I LOVE how he's being all cryptic and the others are totally "Huh what??" XD XD *lol*
I think most of them probably don't know about the ancestor thing, so they have no idea what he's hinting at either.

The mention that the last king was Kaname's grandfather got me all curious.
Because that means, the prince that would have inherited the throne would be
maybe the elder son, Rido? Could that be why the king dissolved the monarchy?

And how would Rido have reacted? Could he have killed his father in retaliation?
Could that be why Rido was prisoner, before he broke free and went after Haruka and Juuri again? I always assumed it was because of
what he did to Kaname, but this creates new hypothesis. Although he had to have been free to have done something to kaname in the first place,
maybe, and he was also fiance to Shizuka when Kaname was small, so it's unlikely that he did kill the king and get imprisoned for it...? *mind wanders* XD

Pureblood powers are amazing. *-*
The ability to mind control the lower ranked vampires to such precision is amazing.
Well, we saw that Rido could do whatever to Aidou in chapter 42, but still, the thing with Kaname and the council is even more impressive.

He just had to lift a hand and command them to kill themselves.
If you look up close, the heads aren't exploding, you can see the
fingers etc crushing it. They crushed it themselves by his command.
Gory, but definitely pretty impressive!

And while I'm rambling about that page, if Kaname truly wasn't gentle at all,
he wouldn't have bothered thinking of Yuuki saying that, and feeling apologetic.
He has to kill the corrupt council, but he still feels bad about it.
Maybe it's weird, but it really makes me ache for him. ;-; *clings to Kaname*

Rido's blood shaping ability is quite amazing.
Notice how Yuuki cuts his body with her scythe several times, and
yet he doesn't dies despite the anti-vampire nature of the weapon.
I think that just like he can reform his body and change where it is
with the blood (we saw both), he can probably also move where his heart etc are,
so that he's less in danger. Yuuki cuts him a number of times, with no effect.

He's not threatening to control her of course, as she's a pureblood too.
It's a quite open threat towards the Night Class, and more exactly Aidou, who already almost became an appetizer for pureblood in the previous chapter, and who is still dangerously close to the fight. XD;;

It's funny how despite the fact that Zero is currently rather
anti-Yuuki-ish, he seems to behave a bit in a jealous manner?
If you look at the pattern of his bigger attacks on Rido,
it's each time when the pureblood gets too too close to Yuuki...
And yet, he's pretty harsh at Yuuki herself throughout the chapter... Denial. XD

And speaking of harsh Zero, that's quite impressive.
We've often seen Zero acting insulting towards vampires, but this is a lot more violent
and kind of scary. (Both in a cool way and in a "Uhm, uhm, where's the nicer Zero gone to?"
XD;; But after all that happened to him, there's no way he could stay fine. :X)

Uhm, who's fault is that, Rido...?!

Notice the look of fury on Yuuki's face when Rido was mean to Zero! Impressive!

Further proof Rido doesn't has much to fear from the Artemis.
He didn't even bother doging or blocking or anything. XD XD

This page is scary from both sides. :X
Zero's reaction of "don't you take my prey" is both scary-ish violent and possessive, and it's weird to see him that way at Yuuki (his eyes have been so cold through much of the episode too... which is fangirlable cool-looking as well, but it worries me. ^^;).
Yuuki getting angry and accidentally hurting Zero with her aura was so unexpected too...

Btw, Kaname deserves applause for managing to keep his aura under control most of the time,
even when he's angry and all. XD (Well, the doors and windows etc sure suffer. XD XD)
But still, it seems like it's so easy to hurt people around by accident if you're not careful with the
pureblood aura, so each time Zero pissed him off, Kaname must have been controlling himself really well. D:

This thing Rido said has given birth to new strange plot bunnies in my mind. XD;;;
Most include Juuri kicking Rido's butt and Rido liking it. *rotfl*)

I swear, I couldn't believe the whole "You're in my way! *shoves off Moon Dorm building*" O.O

And btw, the term 'violate' is not there because I'm a fangirl, it was really there in the original. XD *LOL*
Though it's not like the english "rape" or anything, it's just the violate with a more broad connotation,
like when someone violates your rights etc, and not a more base "Yo, Shizuka raped your neck" type of thing. XD *lol*

Considering the things Shizuka and Rido do/did/intended to do to Zero, Kaname is sweetness incarnate.
Sure, a bit bossy, but hey, he even gave him blood & sanity, and never asked
anything other than Zero protects the girl they both loved and all that. ^^/

Please don't kill me. XD *loves Kaname*
Zero is awesome, I really like him, but I inevitably prefer Kaname~<3

V-violent Zero is VIOLENT! D: Wow...
It's kind of hot, his scary look but what he's saying, omg! D: D:

Night class moe~! X3 ♥


That look they exchanged gave me shivers. *-*

Shiki at least got lucky, and got that which Rido will never have, his loved woman. ;-;
Err, the way Rido is doesn't helps either, but it's still sad. XD
*would have picked Haruka too, if she was Juuri, ahahah* XD;;;;

You know, we keep hearing the Blood Rose firing, so I'm assuming that Rido is dodging
like whoa all this time? They're really trashing the Moon Dorm building. :X

Look, a sighting of Seiren. :D She's watching over the Day Class.

I love you, Aidou! XD XD

And Yuuki is lovely in this, finally more pureblood-like. XD<3
She knows that much like Rido said before, if Aidou stays he's lost,
so she wants to send him away before Rido gets down from the roof...

Say goodbye to the Moon Dorm building, that was it. ;___;

I wonder if they'll even rebuild? With the end of the school arc and the destruction of the council
and all... for all we know, the next arc could well be a large scale vampire civil war. O_o

Rido is CREEPY LIKE WHOA, but this page really made me feel so sorry for him.
There's so much despair in his words and his expression. ;_;
Even if he's a crazed psychopath who really needed to die, I feel bad that things turned out that way.
I wish he could have been a nice person and not turned out like that.

Ow. ;-;

And wow. O_o

His last move before dying being caressing her was so sad... ;-;

Am I the only one who thinks Zero has been looking REALLY scary throughout the whole chapter? D:
The vine thing is normally cool, but huh, the part in his face and neck, ARGH, it looks
so gross and creepy. XD;;; Ewwwwwww, go away, little vines popping up under the skin.
*feels sick at the sight of them popping up* XD;;;

I wonder if the vine retraction thing hurts...? :X

From the sound of it, his own life too, not just the purebloods. :X

This is so scary. I really hope he'll snap out of it... I know that he's in the whole
"you're not Yuuki anymore, you're a pureblood" thing, but I think deep in his heart,
he stills ees her as Yuuki too, or he wouldn't have felt the urge to squash Rido each
time he got too close...?
But still, what he's saying, WTF, ZERO?! ;-;
The whole "it's okay if I kill you, because killing everybody else too
will make up for it" vibe is really scary. Please snap out of it, Zero! ;-;
Ideally before Kaname comes back and you hurt him. ;-;

*fangirls* XD
Kaname is SO "vampire" in this chapter. XD

I can't believe I fangirled even Ichiou, wtf... XD;;;

Also, notice the "one of our reawakened ancestors"... what, there are more? O_o
I kept wondering where this would be going. XD *hopes it's going to be "Yuuki isKaname's wife from the previous
life or something" type of thing* XD I had the theory that she may be the reincarnation, but either works. XD

Also the "I owe you for the past" thing is because even though Ichiou really only wanted to use Kaname, he still
took care of him as a child, however not-cool their relationship may be because Kaname wasn't happy with the whole situation.
So in any case, Ichiou was officially his guardian for a while. It's what Kaname is making reference to.

A... a scene from one of my unposted fics is now canon. *rotfl* XD

;___; Please don't die, Takuma!! Nooooo....

You know, from the look of the end of this chapter, unless Zero snaps out of this all, he might be the "bad guy" in the next arc. D:

Which doesn't means it would be a stupid black-&-white-with-no-shades-of-grey "he's now evil and we have to hate him"
thing of course, I'm sure he'd make one of those villains that your hearts aches and bleeds for, and that you keep going
"Noooo, what are you doing to yourself and to everybody?! Please go back to the good side!!" type of thing, but still... I could see it working.

I hope it won't be the case. :X But I think he'd still be the loveable Zero with all the same suffering and angst and all even if he did bad things. :X

Then again, I like even Rido, despite the fact I think he just HAD to die. XD;;
Let's hope poor Zero won't go down that path. D:
Or Kaname!! ;___;


I had to put this page too. XD<3

I was going to add little commentary etc, but I'm too dead. XD *passes out*
Might edit the post later. Edit: Added. XD

Also, there is other stuff in the magazine, like a drama CD and a bunch of awesome color pics and color of volume 8 and the novel 2 and all, but I'll be making another post with them so it's not a mess and so that I don't die right now if I scan anything more. XD *rotfl*


Amd, uhm... PLEASE don't steal. ;-; It would really REALLY suck if you do that after all I've done.

Do not claim the translation or scans as yours, and if you want to share, then just give a link to this post. :D

I'll be sending it to Onemanga as well when I'm less dead tired, so they have permission. Other places, please just post link to this post, or ask permission if you need to take it. :)

Edit: It's up on Onemanga as well, if you'd rather read it there~ :D ♥

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