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Vampire Knight chapter 42 - RAWS + Translation.

Edit: I gave my permission to VK Scans to use my translation to scanlate the chapter sometime.

I also made a more detailed script that translates & adapts it all bubble by bubble, which I gave them. (It includes the parts that were missing from the first version since the first version was translated from the blurry photos, because I ran to translate hours after it was out, and it was before I could go out to buy my own copy of the magazine. XD *lol*)
If you are interested in reading the detailed script/translation, here it is.

(I have to mention that because I found some people stealing the translation from this post and claiming as their own or just reposting with no credit, and I spend time translating this as a free service for the fandom, so it's not fair for someone to steal and claim as their own etc. ^^; It's free for use, but whoever wants to use has to comment to ask first, and give credit, otherwise it's not nice. ^^;)

The detailed script in the link above is just the translation alone. :D
The original post below is the first draft I made that includes all my explanations etc.
(as well as crazy fangirly comments XD), so if you are interested in a particular detail, you might want to refer to the post itself rather than just the link above.
Or, if you have a doubt, you can always ask me in a comment. :D


Original post:

I couldn't go out to hunt for my magazine yet, but someone posted photos of the pages in a chinese forum, so I got to read chapter 42! :D

I actually read it a few hours ago, sorry. XD;; But I just found time now to come to post it and give you a translation of it. :D

I'm doing a full translation of it this time around, instead of just a summary, because I had a bit more time for my post. *-*/
I can't guarantee I'll have the time to be as detailed each month, but if I don't, I'll just post scans and summary as usually. :)

Sadly, the quality of the pics isn't great and it's kinda hard to see in some cases, but it's better than nothing! XD

So here are the pages and the translation. (Plus, lots of fangirling and rambling. XD)

I realize everybody is really eager to read, but PLEASE DO NOT take the translation to repost, instead post the link to this post so more people can come here and read it. :D
Also that way they can stay informed of VK news through my other posts. ^__^/

Sorry for the quality of the pics, I'd have offered scans but I don't have my magazine yet.
Some places get it before the official release date, and so that's why there are online scans etc sometimes before people in other places even have the magazine. XD; (In my case I'm also stuck unable to go get mine until the end of the week, so erm. *weeps* XD *wants Zero fanservice pages now* XD)
Credit for taking the photos of the pages goes to WTAC1010. :D

I'll give you explanations as I translate, because some bits are small & blurry and hard to see, so the text really helps know what's happening. XD

I'll be putting the translation in a different color so it doesn't gets mixed up with my explanations and comments on the pages. ^^/

If you have any questions about a particular detail or line, just go ahead and ask, and I'll explain any nuances or anything. :)

Flashback time. ;-; Poor Juuri. Little Yuuki is ever so cute. Although older Yuuki is making me worried. D:

Juuri: "Yuuki... mommy wants you to be able to be free, to live happy and carefree."

Yuuki: "Mother, I will not waste those ten years you gave me. I will not let them be just a fake life or an illusion..."

But... time has come...

The expression Juuri used is the same Kaname used before in another chapter, when Ichijou said they should take Yuuki with them in vacations, and Kaname said no, because when Yuuki is around him she gets all formal and nervous and so she wouldn't be able to relax as much. ;_; Ah Kaname, always sacrificing yourself. *indirect moe through Juuri* Like mother like son, even if not exactly the son. XD

Also, while I understand where Yuuki is coming from, it worries me, because she's artificially clinging to those 10 years and her human life in a way that makes me think it would be hard for her to accept her vampire self as well. It's like what she said to Kaname last chapter, "I have to go on living the way I was living, or I feel I won't be myself anymore".
It's understandable, yet it's dangerous. And it could make her leave Kaname for Zero. T_T Which would be incredibly stupid if done for those reasons, since it would not be fair either to Kaname or to Zero.
Let's hope this won't happen. ;-; She must choose out of love, and hopefully pick Kaname or a threesome. XD

And as a note, when Juuri said she wants Yuuki to be able to be free, the expression she used in Japanese is "live under the sky", meaning "free", as opposed to locked in secret in her basement like she's always been before. Which is why I translated it as "to live free" since it's the meaning it had. :)

Yuuki "It's time to give my answer to those ten years..."

Vampire Knight - Chapter 42 "Bloody Rose".

Yuuki "Kaname-senpai... No,
[not senpai] Kaname onii-sama..."

She has me dead worried there, with her talk of answers and mentioning Kaname. D:
It better be that the answer is staying with him. XD;;; *Kaname x Yuuki fan panic*
I love Zero, I really do, but I love Kaname more, so I hope Yuuki will stay with him. D: Kaname can't live without her.
Or a threesome, that would totally rock and all three would be able to be happy. XD

Yuuki "All the sins I have caused by not knowing anything... I have them etched on my heart. And..."

Darn straight, I hope you realize your sin of hurting Kaname so much. *lol* XD;;
I think she's also talking about having hurt Zero by accident, due to his shock at her being a vampire and all. ;D
Not that it's her fault, but yeah. XD

At which point, the scene changes to the Moon Dorm, to the room where Rido had been staying all this time with his coffin. (Presumably either Shiki's room or Ichijou's. I forgot if it mentioned before which room it was.)

If you remember, in the past episodes we saw him there with his coffin, and he had clawed Ichiru, giving him a deadly wound. ;_;
Ichiru had lived long enough to go find Zero, and convince Zero to eat his flesh, the way he had eaten Shizuka's, so that they would always be together...

After that, Rido had sadistically licked his fingers with Ichiru's blood, and proceeded to eat his slaves that were standing nearby. (Either to regain power or because he's sweet like that. XD *lol*)

He hadn't left the room yet. He will finally now. :X

..........because Luca and Cain got tired of waiting and started beating the crap out of Rido's armies, and flinging them alive at the building he was in. XD;;; *ROTFL*

One such body crashed through the wall and into another wall before turning to dust near Rido. They have succeeded in piercing the building. XD;;; *lol*

Vampire: ""

It sucks to be a slave vampire caught in a war between way more powerful vampires. XD;;

Which has me worried for the Night class too, since they're not slaves in any way, but feel compelled to help, but are in danger of being mixed in battles between purebloods. -_-;;
That's precisely why Kaname had refused to expressly tell them to help him. Because if he did, they'd be forced to, so he wanted to give them the choice. ;-; We see a bit of that in the last chapter.

It appears that having bodies flung at him one after the other is finally pissing Rido off. XD;;

Rido (cleaning the dust of the dead vampire off his coat): "Enough of the starters.
[literally, "hors-d'oeuvre". *rotfl*] Go and finish them."

Vampires: "Yes, Rido-sama."

Cain: "....Wow, they fly high."

Luca: "It's because of your ridiculous/brute strenght."

Cain: "I recall you kicked that one too."


Also, before anyone asks about that, I'm going with the official japanese spelling for Cain and Luca's names. XD
(Much as I find that 'Ruka' and 'Kain' would have sounded pretty cool. *can't bring self to use official spelling when it comes to "Clan" instead of "Kuran"... XD;;; *lol*)

Luca: "I... I did such a vulgar thing?! Oh well..."
"...At least it has finally made them come forward."

What the vampire underlings are saying is blurry and hard to read, but it's basically the usual whining about Cross Academy and it being a stupid idea and vampire + human coexistence being impossible and we'll wipe you out now that you're weakened by your stupid pacifist ideals etc - that type of thing.

Luca "You..."

Random Night Class girl: "It's true that at first I thought coexistence was impossible too... but then, when I found myself living the school life as if it was perfectly normal and getting more and more used to it."

Random Night Class boy: "Me too... is that really such a bad thing?"

At which point, the two that Rido sent nearly kill the boy who was spekaing, but Cain saves him.

Cain: "There's nothing wrong with that. After all, our lifestyle
[the purpose of our lives] was never pointless bloodshed."

Night Class vampires are so cool~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ (Well, in this pages, especially Cain. XD *also fangirls Luca so much in this chapter* <3)

Luca "To say the truth, I'm still not sure how to put that in words myself, but... All those Day Class girls who spent their days turning such annoyingly heated looks of love towards Kaname-sama... I want to protect them." [literally "I do not think it would be fair for them to be attacked like that/in vain."]

Luca "And for that... I will fight you."

Cain: "I will do it. It might get messy, so be sure to step back."

Luca: "Akatsuki..."

Luca: "You know, that idiot Aidou isn't here."

Cain "I know..."

Those guys Rido just sent seem stronger than the random slaves that were getting trashed before. :X This worries me, I hope Cain will be okay. T_T

Cain "I'll finish here fast... to be able to go after him."

Meanwhile, Aidou is looking cool standing on top of the roof of the Moon Dorm building that just got messed up by Cain & Luca.
Aidou, (talking to random Rido underlings): "Did you guys know... Why is it that Kaname-sama spent ten long years enduring that suffering in silence all alone? Why do you think it was?"

He moves forward really fast, freezing and shattering the two vampires before they can even attack him.

Aidou: "The very reason for that is standing right in there."

He means Rido.

Aristocrat vampire abilities sure rock! X3
And while Kaname isn't appearing so far, the others mentioning him is lovely, and Aidou's protectiveness of Kaname makes me all bouncy happy. <3
(Kaname left in the last episode, presumably to go attack their ennemies in the vampire's council of elders, since staying around to fight Rido wouldn't have helped as Rido has power over him and Kaname can't kill him because of the curse. ;-;)


D: EGADS. I love that he is protective of Kaname, but attacking Rido is so not a good idea. ;_;
The man has that look on his face that says 'I'm a psychopath, and will now enjoy eating you alive'... which, he might well do, literally. D:

Aidou: "You are.... Kuran... Rido-sama..."

Rido:"I had said I had enough of starters/hors-d'oeuvres, but you do look quite tasty. Come to me."

Rido:"Come on."


Also, even a hated pureblood has to be called with respect... ;-; That's sad, Rido doesn't deserves the 'sama', though the fact Aidou has to use it is moeable in a way. ;-;

Rido, (using the dark pureblood command voice): "After all, none of you can possibly resist the command of one that is born to rule you as a king, a pureblood..."

Aidou's eyes go glazy and he collapses, but someone catches him at the last minute and saves him from falling into Rido's arms and being devoured. It's Yuuki!
She's also a pureblood, so she's not susceptible to Rido's command and can thus rescue Aidou from it. *_*

Yuuki: "Senpai!! Get a hold of yourself! And don't go charging into enemy lines all by yourself like that, it's too dangerous!"

Aidou, (snapping out of the trance): "You... hey!!"


Rido came out and is now floating in front of them, with his trademark degenerate look on his face. :X

Rido: "How kind of you to come here so that I may eat you up and gain your power. I was waiting for you."

Rido, ever so sweet and subtle. XD;;;;

Btw, it's not like Aidou endangered Yuuki by going there and being saved, since Rido would go for her sooner or later anyway.
That's precisely why Kaname wanted to take her with him so badly, even though he was going to a dangerous place himself. But infinitely less dangerous for her than Rido, maybe? (;-; *worries for Kaname*)

Rido: "You are currently the youngest, most fresh and delicious morsel brimming with power on this world... the pure blood princess of the Kuran..."

Yuuki (after giving him a japanese standard first-meeting gretting): "You are... 'uncle Rido'...?"

Yuuki: "You have always been looking at me from afar... devouring me with your eyes, as if you wanted to eat me whole."

Rido: "You look like her."

Non-con Rido x Juuri shippers all across the world squeal with delight. DDDDDDD:
Rido x Yuuki too, naturally, but the change of behavior is so scary. D:

In a flash of an instant, Rido appears in front of Yuuki, his face right close to hers, and reaches a hand into her hair.

Rido: "You look like Juuri."

Yuuki: "Don't you touch me!"
(As she swings the scythe at him, merely managing to graze a little cut on his face.)

*curls up in a corner, unsure whether to fangirl or be afraid* If it was Rido x Kaname, I'd be even more torn between fangirling and throwing up blood. XD;;; *rotfl*
*fears that Rido will do something terrible to Yuuki, and that in turn it will hurt Kaname* XD;;;;;;;;; Erm, yes, my mind is a never ending one-track file, why do you ask? XD XD

Also, it's interesting to note that he considered so easily changing his mind about that. I really don't think Rido needs Yuuki's power.
I don't think she has anymore power than another pureblood. The only reason her parents were hiding her was because they loved her and wanted to protect her from the council etc, after all.
I think her power is totally not indispensable for him, and that the whole "Must. Eat. Her." thing is out of cruelty (additional power is a nice bonus too), rather than necessity.
In a previous chapter, we had also seen that he had planned to have her drink his blood before turning, so that the spell cast by her mom would mess up and she would lose her mind to insanity. This was purely out of cruelty.
Kaname turned her so that she could awaken peacefully and without pain, since otherwise sooner or later Rido would do something.

I wonder if Rido does those things just because he's an all-around jerk, or because he's deliberating targeting people around Kaname to hurt him.
I'm hoping we'll find out more on that, whether in this arc or the next. (I doubt Rido will die within this arc. He's just too powerful, and there's too many unexplained things.)

Rido: "I changed my mind...
[presumably about eating her] ... You will be a replacement for Juuri, and I will love you..."
(Yuuki is so shocked she just stares as he reaches for her.)

Aidou: "Yuuki Cross!!"
(pulling Yuuki away quickly as the situation was getting more and more dangerous)
Aidou: "Idiot! Were you going to let him do as he please?!"

Yuuki: "Of course I wasn't going to!"

Rido: "Yuuki... Yeah, 'Yuuki', it is indeed so much like Juuri and Haruka to pick such a name."

Ri....Rido's love hurts. XD;;
Also, CREEEPY GUY, SO CREEPY. "I will love you~" while reaching creepy hands to unwilling victim, erm, plz go away now. XD;;;; XD;;; *lol*

"You naughty girl..."
"Don't go around swinging such a dangerous thing..."
"Yeah... that weapon is very dangerous, you know? I know what I'm talking about reaaally well..."
"Because I used that type of weapon when I killed your father Haruka..."

Rido's last line is literally, "When I took Haruka's life, I used one such weapon for its powers" [as in, for the anti-vampire powers hunter weapons have.]
He had used a vampire hunter weapon, remember?

Yuuki: "...." (gasping/looking sad)

Also, he's totally talking to her like she's a little kid. XD;; Until the line about Haruka. XD;;;
(She might not have known exactly how her father died, I wonder. Even if she knew what happened, it would still hurt to have it thrown in her face like that. D:)

It's ironical, because back when Rido killed Haruka, Kaname was shocked by the dishonorable/cowardly manoeuver of bringing a hunter's weapon into a vampire duel, something inacceptable.
Yet, this time it's Yuuki who is doing that. >XD Let's hope Rido gets a good taste of his own medicine! *hopes he's bluffing about looking calm, and that he's actually worried about the scythe*

Aidou: "Cro..."

Yuuki: "Step back senpai! I will fight him!"

Yuuki: "That is why I stayed behind, for..."

Yuuki then has a weird feeling and turns suddenly back, as if searching for something/someone she sensed.

Yuuki: "... please, step back..."
She resumes pushing Aidou away... and suddenly, SHOVES HIM OFF THE BUILDING. XD XD

Aidou falls, screaming "Waaah!"

The fall didn't hurt him, but it was done RIGHT on time, as immediatly after he falls, the area where the two + Rido had been is obliterated by a huge amount of vines sprouting out from afar.

ZERO CAME TO SAVE THE DAY~! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
At least I hope. ;___; *fears for him* Rido is immensely dangerous.

The thing is............ Currently, we're not sure where Zero stands on things. He considers Yuuki his enemy as she's a pureblood. In fact, his attack hit where she was also, and she jumped out of the way right in time. D:
Let's hope he knew what he was doing and expected her to dodge. XD;; Let's also hope it's more effective against Rido. XD;;;

Behold, the glorious sight of sexy Zero in fanservice vines tentacle monster mode. XD<3

They look at each other briefly, then Zero ignores Yuuki and turns back to the mess he's done of the roof, speaking to the direction Rido disappeared into.

Zero: "Hey... Until when do you plan to sleep?!"

His attack is unlikely to have knocked Rido off for real, so most likely he is just saying it that way because Rido's disappearance into the mess of the building during the attack is a bluff, as if it had really harmed him and he had passed out or something.
I don't think Zero really thinks Rido really did though. (I hope not, or Zero would be in danger. XD;)
Rido is too dangerous to go down so easily.

Zero: "Wake up, vampire!"

He just formed the bloody rose with his vines. *-*
(I'm thinking that the gun is now part of him, or something, and that perhaps the vines are the gun itself, absorbed by Zero's new powers and changing form/becoming one with his body.)

And, indeed, the second, after Zero spoke, Rido ditched the bluff and tried to strike him from behind... but Yuuki blocked the attack with her scythe, protecting Zero, much to the hunter's surprise.
I'm so glad she did... while I'm sure Zero is crazy powerful now and would have blocked by himself anyway, still, if he didn't block it, it would most likely have pierced through his body like nothing, seeing how strong it seemed. ;___; *CLINGS*

Zero: "...What are you doing...?"

Zero: "You are my 'enemy'..."

Yuuki: "It's because I decided, long ago... that I would side with you, Zero."

Yuuki: "Even if we are enemies now... I will still do so."


I'm fangirling in a purely 'beautiful friendship and badass warriors side-by-side' manner, just so you know. *rotfl* XD I'm a Kaname x Yuuki fan, but I also love Zero.

The Zero x Yuuki fans will probably be delighted by the end of the chapter, although it's sad that Zero views her as an enemy just because she's a pureblood. T_T

I hope he'll change his mind when he sees that she's still herself, and that she can't choose who to be born as and all, so it's unfair... just how it's unfair that he's always been angry at Kaname while Kaname never did anything to him.
(Yes, Kaname occasionally treats Zero poorly, but he only started doing so later, and it's motivated by anger due to bite marks on yuuki's neck etc. Until then, Kaname was never cruel to Zero. In fact, when Zero was a child and stabbed Kaname's arm at first sight, rather than being angry at the kid, Kaname empathized with his pain, and told Yuuki Zero was suffering much more than he himself was suffering from the pain of knife wound, so she shouldn't worry about his wrist. If Kaname was cruel like some of the anti-Kaname fans think, he wouldn't have had that reaction. ^^/)

I'm hoping that in time, Zero will open his eyes and realize that Yuuki, and also Kaname, are not at fault for being born purebloods. :)
It's not like they have a choice on that matter either. I hope he'll accept it, and accept them, despite the issues with the past that he has. :X

Also, I'm so glad to see he can control those vines and thus doesn't has to have them out and look like a monster all the time, hahahaha. XD XD

And lastly... MWHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't have to angst anymore when I forget to add Zero's tattoo on a fanart! XD;;;;;

In truth, my heart is bleeding at the tattoo being gone. ;_; I found it so utterly sexy, and the very fact he was branded was so kinky.
But but but, tentacle vines!Zero is SO WONDERFUL TOO.

Maybe he can get another tattoo, just for the pretty but without the uncool meaning that this one had due to the Hunter's Society etc? XD XD *lol*

Hino-sensei will take a break this month, and so there won't be a VK chapter next month. ^^/
Next one is in september. *dies from the wait* XD
Official release date, September 24th, though as usually some places will probably have it 2 or 3 days before it gets released everywhere. :)

However, this doesn't means she'll spend the whole month idle, since it seems that as a bonus/compensation for the readers, chapter 43 will be way longer. ;)

Like I said, I don't have my magazine yet, so I can't confirm the page number for sure, but I heard people say the next chapter would be 50 pages instead of about 30.
In which case, we've only lost 10 pages compared to the combined amount there would be if next month also had a chapter. ;D More than a fair trade, considering how Hino-sensei works so hard for the enjoyment of us all. *-*/ (She hasn't taken a day off in months, she said in her interview of Puff magazine last time. ;-;)

Again, if you want to share this post with others, feel free to post the link anywhere you want. ^__^/ Just don't take my text and repost, since, uhm, that's kind of weird (and bits can be lost and all). XD;; *lol*
But giving the link is totally fine. :D
You may spread the link around as you please so that more people get to read the chapter. X3

If you want to add this LJ to your friend-list to keep an eye on the VK updates, feel free to also. :D I don't mind, and VK fans are always welcome~! :D

And lastly: If you are planning to scanlate the chapter (when cleaner scans come up, I would hope *lol* XD) and would like to use my translation as a whole or as bits, please ask first by commenting here, and please credit in your scanlation with my name. :)

Scanlations weren't what I originally had in mind when I translated this (*just want to help provide moe for the fellow VK fans* XD), but I figure the question might be asked, so yeah. :)

I was sorta tempted to provide a scanlated chapter, but with the quality of the pics it would be a bit weird, and I'm sure you guys prefer that I posted it right now instead of waiting to scan my magazine. XD

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