Sagakure (sagakure) wrote,

Vampire Knight fanfic "Forget" Yaoi, Zero x Kaname, NC17

Here's my latest VK one-shot. :D

"Forget" Yaoi, Zero x Kaname, NC17
Link goes to the fic, on FFnet.
Pairings: Zero x Kaname
Warnings: Angst, lemon, non-con, violence, blood.
Run while you can if that squicks you. Also, spoilers for chapter 30, 35, and some mentions of Rido stuff.
The fic is passed during chapter 30-31, but it mentions other things.

Summary: Passed during the blood-drinking scene in chapter 30 of the manga. What happened during the moments when Zero lost his mind in bloodlust in Kaname's bathroom?
Tags: ¤ Vampire Knight - All VK Posts, ¤ Vampire Knight - Fanfiction
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